DefilerPak 1.22 was released on December 11th, 2005

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What is it?

The DefilerPak is a minimalist collection of video and audio codecs designed to keep you up to date with the latest developments.

Note: I do my best to select the optimal component versions, but this has become a very complicated task.
There are now several hundred possible DefilerPak installation scenarios, and tens of thousands of possible ffdshow settings combinations.
Even these numbers fail to take into account the possibility that some other codec pack you tried once didn't uninstall cleanly,
or that the file you are attempting to play was encoded with a broken version of some hacked implementation of something or other.
All of the DefilerPak components undergo extensive testing, both alone and together, but as you can see:
Results may vary. Use only as directed. Consult your physician before using any decoder pack.
If you mention that you use a codec pack on the Doom9 forums, someone may hurt your feelings.

For playback, I recommend Media Player Classic or Zoom Player.
These two are, in my opinion, the best. However, DefilerPak is compatible with all DirectShow players.
Feel free to choose one that sucks.

What's included?

Component Versions

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Please do not feel obligated to send anything.
The effort I spend on this pack is literally nothing compared to that of the original component authors.
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